Thursday, April 05, 2007

Simple Smoothie

I have never been a big smoothie person (give me a milkshake any day!) but my breakfast options are somewhat limited this week. Normally I would have cereal, but that's out and I could have eggs but cooking while trying to get out the door for work is a task I have not mastered yet. I have looked at lots of smoothie recipes and they all seem so complicated so much fruit, so much milk, ice (which I never have on hand), honey, vanilla, etc., etc. I was going to give up when I a "recipe" mentioned in a magazine. It looked easy enough and contained no ice... Even better. I have made a few changes from the original and this is what I have settled on...

1 container yogurt (I use fat free, what ever flavor is on hand)
1 cup berries (I like frozen raspberries, but any berry would do)
1 banana

Combine in blender. Enjoy.

So I tried it and it is good. I started adding a little Kefir from Lifeway that I needed to use up just to thin out the mixture and be able to suck it through the straw but its not necessary, or you could add a little skim milk.

I think I will call it Molly's Simple Smoothie. :)

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