Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Now I have a need...

to calculate out how much 1 use of everything in my house costs and how long it will take to start saving money. LOL.

For example... the Swiffer Wet Jet (oh how I love thee)

a box of disposable pads is (approx.) $6.00 for 12 pads = $.50 per pad or $.50 per use.

The Bissell pads I was inspired to buy by Amy, were 2 for $9.70 = $4.85 per pad. These are washable and reusable.

I mop my kitchen floor once a week on average after a year of using one pad each use will cost $.10. I'm hoping these last more than a year... so it will cost less and less the longer I am able to use them.

I like this.

What else can I calculate... ;)

[If my math is wrong, please let me know... I have many degrees now, but NONE of them are in math!]


Amy said...

I have been using these pads for three years now and they are still holding up well. They aren't as white as they used to be, but they still get the job done.

Calculations are soooo much fun :) I am glad you got some of those pads and I hope it saves you some money!

Anonymous said...

Do you use these on your Swiffer Wet Jet? I'm curious about these and would LOVE to buy them, but I don't have a Bissell Steam Mop

Molly said...

Yes, I use them on my Swiffer Wet Jet instead of the disposable pads. I find I have to scrub a little harder than before but they absorb the cleaner and are washable. I bought mine from