Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Frugality Help.

For me, frugality is something that I have to work at. It is probably this way for many people. I like this kind of work though which makes it a little easier, but for someone who used to describe herself as "a recreational shopper" some days are harder than others. For me, Spring is the hardest season, I get this burning desire in my gut to spend money... its weird. I have ALWAYS been this way, but this year I am resisting... there isn't anything I need, so I shouldn't be buying anything.... this is easier said then done.

I found a little something that might make it easier to resist whipping out my credit card and "treating" myself... The Wallet Buddy.

Print this out, assemble it, and slip your credit/debit card into it. Then every time you pull out said card to buy something ask yourself the 13 questions. By the end of the questions if you still want/need to buy the item in question buy it... if not, move on.

Plus: A VERY Interesting article from Money about buying happiness


Jonathan said...

No more shopping.....

unless it's for me :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, what is it about spring and shopping. I think its because winter is dull and dreary. Its also the time we do spring cleaning, planting in the garden and fixing up the house. Good luck with your no shopping! Let me know how you make out.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting concept! I don't have trouble being frugal when things are going well, but if I'm sad then it sometimes becomes a problem. I can be a bit of an emotional spender, nothing big, just a book or a Starbucks visit, but all those little things add up eventually! I like how this wallet buddy makes you stop and think about what is fueling your spending.

Ari (Baking and Books)