Tuesday, April 14, 2015

IT'S ALIVE!!!!!!

I know... It is hard to believe that I am actually posting something here since I have been completely absent since November.  But I'm back... for the moment.  I had to share this recent baking success.  Last week was hubby's birthday.  He is not a big cake fan (I don't get it either) so I made him a Rice Krispie treat cake.... a pinata Rice Krispie treat cake.  It was completely awesome and he loved it... as did Rice Krispies who actually tweeted me back!

Here is the cake as it stands on the plate:

Four layers of Rice Krispie treats (made in a 9" cake pan) cemented together with different color candy melts (purchased at 50% off after Easter).  You stack the first 3 layers and cut out the core to leave the center hallow. Fill up the hole with treats of your choice (in this case jelly beans) and top off with another whole layer of Krispie treat. 

When cut into the beans spill out and the colored layers of "cement" are revealed.

Quite impressive if I do say so myself.