Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Poor hubby had to work late last night (and on his birthday too... Boo Hiss), so I took the opportunity to be uber-domestic. I cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more... I was a little off my regular cleaning schedule because of my classwork. I cleaned the bathrooms and the kitchen, finished up some laundry and ironed.

I also baked. :)

Since Passover ended at sundown yesterday we can have leavened bread again. SO last night I made a loaf of banana bread (as a gift for a friend), a loaf of Honey Vanilla Challah, and a Whole Grain Loaf for sandwiches and toast.

Boy did the house smell good!


Anonymous said... it smelled good at your house and bet it all will taste great!!!

Amy said...

Nothing smells better than freshly baked bread. I love it when I turn my bread machine on and come home to that smell.

Enjoy all that yummy bread!!

Alexandra said...

Yum! :) I made some honey wheat bread tonight, and it's disappearing fast!