Friday, March 29, 2013

Peeps Easter Shirt

I don't do "special outfits."  Meaning, I don't buy Nate good clothes or shoes that he never wears but on special occasions.  There is no "Christmas sweater" no "Easter outfit."  They seem wasteful.  He isn't going to wear it more than once, I am not going to pass it down to another kid.... so it just doens't happen. 

However, I did want to make him something cute for Easter... not an Easter outfit per say, but I sort of Easter themed shirt he could wear again for something.  So I decided to make him a Peeps shirt.

I found the one and only long sleeve youth T-shirt in A.C. Moore when they were having a sale.  I found the template for the bunny on MADE, and I had the felt and fabric markers.

1.  I printed out the template and cut out the bunny.  I washed the shirt.
2.  Nate decided he wanted a red bunny, so I dug out the red felt.  I cut out a small rectanlge of felt bigger then the bunny, and applied Wonder Under  with an iron to one side of the left.  Once the Wonder Under was attached to the felt I pinned the template on and cut out my bunny.
3.  I peeled off the paper from the wonder under and iron the bunny on to the front of the shirt.  I sewed around the outside of the bunny, but it was a completely unnecessary step.
4.  I dotted the eyes on with a fabric marker and then heat set them with my iron.
5.  I showed the finished shirt to Nate and he pronounced it "Cool!"

From start to finish, including the sewing, 15 minutes tops.

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see him in it!