Sunday, March 17, 2013

Homemade Pillowcases -- 7 Days of Homemade -- Day 6

I have been sewing on a machine since I was in middle school, by hand even longer.  I used to make a lot of clothes, but now I have discovered the JOYS of non-clothing sewing.  Woo-Doggy is it fun!

One of my most frequently sewn items are pillowcases.  They are fast (45 minutes tops), they are at a beginner sewing level, and they are a great way to use that fun "novelty" fabric I find myself drawn to.

I use the instruction on the ConKerr Cancer website. 

Here are 2 examples of pillowcases I have made:

These make great gifts for little kids, or if you don't have a kid in your life to sew for you can sew them and donate to ConKerr Cancer!

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