Monday, December 03, 2012

The Holiday Season

So the "holiday season" is upon us.  Christmas is still 22 days away but Chanukkah is a mere 5 days (uh oh) away.  I have taken down the Thanksgiving decorations, but I haven;t put them away yet... maybe tomorrow and I certainly haven't decorated for Chistmas or Chanukkah yet, maybe that will happen tomorrow too.

I was able to get my cards written and mailed... that is a feat for me.  I have a thing with cards and usually dread the task, but this year I made it easy on myself.  I bought the cards on clearance last year, I am not putting any kind of picture in them, I am only sending card to those people who sent them to me last year.  That last part cut the task down quite a bit. 

I am not stressing about it.  The tree will get put up.  The candles will get lit.  The present will get wrapped (maybe)... It will be all good.

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