Wednesday, December 05, 2012

36 (Completely Random) Things About Me Now that I am 36

1.  I bite my nails
2.  I pick at my cuticles
3.  I LOVE chicken Tikka Masal
4.  I am afraid of squirrels
5.  I have watched Gone with the Wind over 40 times
6.  I really like watching the Walking Dead, but it scares the Bejeezus out of me.
7.  I am 100% convinced that a hand is going to shoot out from under the door to my crawl space and grab at me.
8.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nate's malapropisms. My favs being "munchball" for "Munchkin" and "whip" instead of "whisk."
9.  I love playing scrabble and Words with Friends even though I lose every time.
10.  My favorite animal is a river otter
11.  My favorite books are the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon
12.  I think I am addicted to Target
13.  I am way too impatient to sew.  I sew all the time but cut corners and make a ton of mistakes
14.  I got my first set of stitches from an accident when I was 35
15.  When I was pregnant I craved OJ and Lemonade constantly.
16.  I have on more than one occasion laughed myself into an asthma attack
17.  I make wonderful bread from scratch
18.  Despite my best efforts my house is never truly clean
19.  As much as I profess being green and recycling, sometimes I just want things gone so I throw them in the trash
20.  I don't like being "mean mommy"
21.  At 5:00 am I would like to outsource my parenting to... well to anyone who would take it
22.  I am currently trying to brew my own Kombucha
23. I am not a morning person

24. I am not really a night person either
25.  I think I have a few good hours in the middle of the day ;)
26.  I am working to instill a sense of charity in Nate
27.  Snickers baby... the only way to go
28.  I learned how to ski once but never practiced the skill
29.  I taught myself how to knit
30.  I have fired a gun
31.  I don't like planning birthday parties
32.  My reader is a strange mix of mom blogs, craft blogs, and doomsday prepper blogs
33.  My ipod has way more Ke$ha on it than I would like to admit
34.  I have never been further west than West Virginia
35.  I still understand enough spanch to get the jokes on Sabado Gigante
36.  I actually still have penpals... and we have been corresponding for 20 and 21 years

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