Friday, December 07, 2012

Semester Break Plans

There are 2 weeks left in this semester... 2 weeks... and then a blissful 3 weeks off.  An extended break between the fall and spring semester is a perk of working in higher education, a perk I appreciate fully.  I try to use the time off to get projects finished around the house and here is what is on the docket for this year:

1.  Re-organize the pantry.  I know the space is being poorly utlized I have to find a way to remedy that.
2.  Take the train table out, bring the art table in.  Nate is pretty much finished playing with his train table (not the trains, just the table) so that is on its way out and a child sized table and chairs will be taking its place.  This and #1 will require a
3.  Trip to Ikea
4.  Clean the carpets.  Not fun but much needed.
5.  Do crafts with Nate, get outside when possible, MOVE, set up playdates, relax and enjoy my family.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds good! I'll go to Ikea with you if you want. I need to make my list also...