Sunday, December 16, 2012

My New Wreath

I wanted something new and sparkly for the living room this year, so I decided to make an ornament wreath.  They are not really the cheapest wreaths to make unless you have a great deal of shatter-proof ornaments lying around, however, they are pretty to look at.

I didn't take any process shots, but I don;t really think you need any to re-create this project.


1 wire coat hanger 
Many, Many shatter-proof ornaments (I used 4 tubes of large balls and 6 tubes of small balls)
Duct Tape
Coordinating wired ribbon (to make a bow out of and to cover up the duct tape)

Step 1:  Untwist your wire coat hanger so that you can thread the ornaments onto the wire.
Step 2: Put a little piece of tape near the hook end of the coat hanger to act as a stop so the ornaments don't just slide right off.
Step 3: Now add your ornaments!
Step 4:  When you have the wreath the size and density you want, twist and then duct tape the 2 ends of the hanger back together again.
Step 5:  Make a big fluffy bow and wire it, or tie it onto the wreath to cover up the twisted wire ends and the duct tape.

1 comment:

Mossville said...

Looks nice! I just threw some ornaments in a large glass jar- looks a little sparkly but DH says it just looks like more clutter. Oh well.