Monday, February 27, 2012


Oh my GOD! do I hate to exercise.  I have done it and not done it and in either situation I hated every minute of it.  But what is a girl to do?  I am active when I am at home.  I scrub my floors on my hand and knees.  I hang laundry and do yard work, I mop and sweep and vacuum.  I am on the floor playing with Nate and schlepping stuff out to the car... I am active.  During the workday, I am not so active.  I spend the vast majority of my time sitting at my desk looking at Pinterest working.

So I have decided to add a three day rotating... workout? routine? I don;t know what to call it to my life. (I am not training to run marathons, or ironmans, or whatever... so bear with me here)

Day 1:  Leg lifts (ala Thighs of Steel from the 90s...) 75-100 each leg
Day 2:  Abs (crunches working lower and upper abs and the side, whatever they are called)
Day 3:  Arms (15 minutes of weight bearing lifts)



I don't know if I will see or even feel and appreciable difference since this is such a slow beginner routine, but at least I will be doing something.

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