Monday, February 20, 2012

Another Pinterst Goodie

For the holidays I bought these bag caps for hubby. 

I thought they were interesting  and functional.  Maybe they could keep our pretzels from going stale.  We have been using then and we like them.  Yesterday, I saw something on Pinterest that was akin to a DIY bag cap that I just had to try.

1.  Cut the top off of a wide mouth soda/juice/beverage bottle (this is from a vitamin water)

2.  Find a small bag, like a bag of open chocolate chips and gather up the end.  Thread it trough the open bottle top so that it stick out the top where you would drink from.

3.  Fold the top of the bag back over the opening of the bottle.

4.  Screw the cap on.  Not only will it keep them fresh, it makes them pretty easy to out too.

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