Sunday, June 05, 2011

How NOT to Potty Train Your Son

1.  Have no real plan
2.  Expect that, once the diapers are taken away, your 3.5 year old will just know what to do.
3.  Get really frustrated
4.  Cry alot
5.  Be inconsistent with rewards

I took last week off to potty train  Nate.  It did not work.  We gave it a good try.  Four solid days of big boy undies, frog potties, timers, not leaving the house, spending a lot of time sitting on the bathroom floor, but in the end, I don't think Nate was ready so we abandoned potty training for the moment.  We will come back to it in a few weeks, this time with a clear plan, a concrete reward system, a stated expectations.

The week was not a total loss.  I got to spend a week at home with my kid playing trains, playing with the hose and water table, and taking walks around our neighborhood.  I also got to not be at work which is certainly a plus in my book. 

If you want a take a look at Nate's potty training style, check it out here.

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