Thursday, June 23, 2011

BodyGlide: Not Just For Runner's Anymore

Ever heard of BodyGlide?  It kind of looks like a men's deodorant stick that you can find in sporting goods stores. 

Well, this is NOT a men's deodorant stick, this is an anti-chafing stick that runners and other hard core athletes rub on to prevent chafing when they are running the million miles a day that they do.

Well, I am NOT a runner or an athlete of any kind (people who know me are nodding in agreement) but I LOVE me some BodyGlide!

Why?  Well you see, like many other chubby girls, I have a little problem with chub rub.  You know, where your inner thighs rub together... you say you don't know what I am talking about?  I say you are lying! 

Anyway, chub rub or inner thigh chafing, especially in the summer when legs are bare and temperatures soar, make it really uncomfortable to wear skirts.  In the past the only way to deal with this was either to wear the skirt and chafe or wear pants.  I was not happy with either of those options, so I bought a stick of BodyGlide to see if it really did what it claimed to do.

According to the package BodyGlide is:
  • Dry Non-Greasy Skin Lubricant helps to prevent and temporarily protect & relieve chafed, chapped or cracked skin
  • Helps prevent blisters, chafing, saddles sores caused by friction & rubbing
  • Perspiration escapes and your skin breathes
  • Sweat & water resistant
  • Petroleum & Fragrance free

Well, I decided to wear a skirt today even thought is is close to 90 degree with something like 300% humidity.  I rubbed some BodyGlide on this morning at around 6:30 and even after going in and out of the building, sweating, walking around, etc... it is still going strong and there is no chafing in site.

I am hooked.  Maybe they should market themselves as "BodyGlide:  A Fat Girl's Friend"  What?  Too much?

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