Monday, January 14, 2008

What a Great Idea!

So I was reading Motherload, who linked to Danny Seo's Blog, who had this picture showcasing organic bedding. I however could care less about the organic bedding... LOOK AT THAT WREATH!!! When I was younger, that would be 3rd grade through college I rode horses and competed in my fair share of horse shows. Somewhere in my mother's attic is a plastic bag filled with the ribbons I won. I didn't want to get rid of them but I didn't have any where to store them, nor did I have anything to do with them until now... I will be making that wreath!

What a great summer or in-between season wreath for the front door. And since I have the wreath form and all the ribbons, it would be FREE!

[Update: Someone else took this idea and ran with it... Looks good Corgipants!]

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Anonymous said...

Yeah! Finally something to do with show ribbons. I'll pull them out for you.