Monday, January 14, 2008

New Nursery Additions

Hubby and I went and returned a few things to Babies R Us this weekend and with all of that store credit we were able to get, among other things, a swivel glider and nursing stool for the baby's room.

The swivel glider was such a great deal. Regularly $299.00 the floor model was on clearance for $90.90. It is a little dirty on the bottom, but nothing that the upholstery attachment on my new carpet cleaner can't handle. Since it was on clearance and there was no matching ottoman (which would take up way too much room ) I opted for the Medela Nursing Stool, which several friends have used and love. For $25.00 how could you beat it.


Meredith said...

Love the chair, love the stool!

I used the same one in my lactation consultant's office and enjoyed it so much.

Can't wait to see that baby!

Molly said...

Thanks Meredith! I am really excited about the chair. For $90 it was cheaper than the "Cheap" one I was going to buy at Walmart. I'm glad I held out.