Tuesday, March 20, 2007


I have, for the moment, solved my wet dog smelling house problem. I washed every stitch of cloth that comes in contact with the dogs, vacuumed, and lit a vanilla scented candle. I think the washing made the most difference, but who cares... the smell is gone.

Last night for dinner I tried my hand at an all American comfort food I had never had, Chicken and Dumplings. I used this recipe from Simply Recipes. How did it turn out you ask? Well... the recipe was super complicated, so I made it my way with her ingredients and it looks exactly like the picture, neither hubby nor I were impressed. Since I don't have this in my comfort food repitiore I didn't know what it was supposed to taste like, but this turned out flavorless. On the up side the dumplings were light and fluffy which I hear is not always the case. I think I will stick to making Matzo Balls.

I was in class all weekend, so not much else got done. I have pics from my last trip to Goodwill (it was a good one) which I will post later... hopefully.


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cdorsey said...

That doggie smell is the WORST!!

Chicken and Dumplings??? After several failed attempts, I finally found a combination of two recipes that the family enjoys. Great flavor and a wonderful creamy broth, but my dumplings are still far from perfect. Last time I made it I substituted the dumplings for egg noodles and just called it Creamy Chicken Noodle Soup.