Friday, March 09, 2007

Favorite Things Friday

Its that day of the week again... Favorite Things Friday!

This week there is a theme... see if you can guess it.

The Dyson DC17 Animal works like no other vacuum cleaner I have ever seen. I vacuumed my carpet using my Hoover Windtunnel and then with the Dyson (over the same spot mind you) and I had to empty the Dyson three (3) times. It picked up that much dust, dirt, and dog hair. Aside from that, it is bagless, so there are no disposable bags to buy and them throw away.

The Furminator de-shedding tool , how I love thee. Just like with the Dyson, I can brush the dog with a Slicker brush and remove what I think is a lot of dog hair. I can then go over the dog again with the Furminator and remove three (3) times as much hair as before.

Did you guess the theme?

You're right... this week's theme is "Dog Stuff."

Humm.... I wonder why? Look for future posts to find out. ;)


PeppermintPearl said...

Where did you get that brush?

Spring is fast approaching and we'll soon be drowning in drifts of dog hair!

Thanks for the nice comment on my blog too. :)

Molly said...


we found it at a local animal supply store, but I know for sure that petsmart and petco carry them. Also, I know you can buy them online. They are expensive ($34) but SO worth it. Before that I was collecting a small dog's worth of hair everyday!

crallspace said...

Dog stuff?! Nuts, I thought it was cleaning material!

(laughtrack rolls, theme music plays, audience applauses, cut to commercial)