Monday, March 26, 2007


There is not much I can say about Monday. I am completely wiped out today and it is getting harder and harder to get any work done. On the up side I finally got to the post office to return the Cesar Millan DVDs I ordered in a fit of hysteria, or a delusional moment, or something. I'll be happy to see that money back on my credit card. The Dog Whisper may be famous but he is also widely discredited for his voodoo like training methods. What exactly was I thinking?

So I did not get a chance to do the BIG COOKING I was looking forward to. We ended up going out to dinner with Hubby's family. I did make the no knead bread and it turned out great. I gave the loaf to my mother-in-law and she reported back with rave reviews. YEAH ME! I will definitely be making that bread again. I didn't realize that it was low-yeast as well as no-knead. So if anyone out there is looking for a recipe for a low yeast bread, check this one out.

Yesterday was my marketing day. Boy do I love going to the supermarket. I only go once a month, for time's sake (I just don't have the time to go more than once a month) and for budget's sake (I find the more I go, the more I spend). I got some great deals yesterday. What I have noticed is that as it approaches the end of the month, there are more and more marked-down items or clearance items. And nothing makes me happier that marked-down food... that is unless it is marked down meat! I got some grilling steaks super cheap and some veal cutlets both of which were marked down. The only time I buy meat other than ground beef/ground turkey/ split chicken breasts is when it is BOGO or clearance. As the weather warms up an hubby gets the urge to grill the steaks will be a nice change of pace.

I was also fortunate to find Orval Redenbacher Organic Microwave Popcorn on the clearance rack for $1.17. I like to keep semi-healthy snacks in my desk at work and this will be a nice addition.

I did stop at Goodwill today during my lunch hour and found at least one fabulous deal.

This vase was $4.99

I have been ogling it in Museum catalogs for years, but it retails for $49.99. Now it is mine and I saved $45.00!!!

I also found a great book about caring for houseplants ($2.99), and a brand new white linen skirt with tags and everything for $3.99(only time will tell if this was a smart purchase, but if I don't wear it I can always consign it).

I think thats all for now.

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