Friday, March 16, 2007

Housekeeping Phobias

Does anyone have them besides me? Do you all think I have completely lost it? What I mean is, it there one particular housekeeping thing that you will do anything to avoid. For example, some people will do anything to avoid hard water stains or having to scrub grout. My housekeeping phobia is having a house that smells like a dog.

I have been very lucky with our big dog. He dos not smell like a dog, he has not made the house smell like a dog, and he has NEVER had doggy breath.

The new, little dog is another story. He has a very doggy smell about him and has a combination diggy/fishy breath. Now that we in the Mid-Atlantic states are in the midst of another winter storm to doggy smell in my house has been replaced with a wonderful wet doggy smell.

How do you get rid of it?

I open windows when I can (not possible today)
I have Airwick odor absorbers strategically placed around the house.
I wash all of the dog's bedding and towels on a regular basis.
I vacuum faithfully.
I Febreeze my furniture, curtains, and any non-washable dog beds.

Anything I'm missing? An thoughts on what else I can do? Help!!!


Jonathan said...

Stop feeding the dog cat food :)

PeppermintPearl said...

I don't know what you feed them, but a good quality food seemed to help ours. Also, have you checked his ears? I sniff my dogs ears regularly. Yes, I'm a nut! Keeping my dogs ears clean helps with smells and has helped cut down on ear infections. Good food helps with those too. I've got a dog whose hyper-allergic to grains. :(

I am so loving that Furminator. Its made so much difference in here already!

cdorsey said...

Girl...I hear ya. I was just noticing last night that since the air here has gotten more humid, the doggie smell is coming to visit us...YUCK!!! I HATE DOGGIE SMELL but I love my Anyway, try sprinkling baking soda on the carpet, letting it sit for 15 minutes or so, and then vacuuming. That seems to freshen things up a little for me. In fact, I'm off to do that right now.