Friday, March 02, 2007

Favorite Things Friday

This week's installment of "Favorite Things Friday" features a few tools of frugality:

My OXO Tea Kettle which was a wedding present, so I didn't pay for it and it allows me to make all sorts of hot beverages that would under different circumstances have my scrambling to my nearest Starbucks.

My P Touch Label Maker which allows me to label all of the white powdery ingredients in my cabinets (AP flour, bread flour, matzo cake meal, and soy flour all look EXACTLY alike) so that I know what I have and don;t buy unnecessary duplicates. Also, it was 50% off :)

My Brand New Kitchen Scale... Buy in bulk and freeze in portions is my new motto!

And Daffodils. Cheaper then flying to the Islands or going to a therapist. Plus they were 2 bunches for $5.00 at the market this week.

Please share you favorite things this week!

1 comment:

leslie said...

OXO tea kettle is also one of my favorite kitchen equipment too. Maybe because I'm a tea lover or its just that I really enjoyed using my kettle...