Friday, July 08, 2011

I love the Muppets

Have I mentioned my undying love of all things Muppet?  Never, you say... really?  Well I do, I love the Muppets... as do most people from my generation I think.  The Muppet Show and all the Muppet movies were such an integral part of my childhood, imagine who excited I was when I found out that there is a new Muppet moving coming out in November!

I was ever more excited when I actually got to see the trailer for it when we took Nate to see Cars 2.  It looks awesome, by the way, and I don't know if I am more excited to see the movie myself or to take Nate to see an actual Muppet movie in the theater.  Anyway, I am excited about all things Muppet... then I found the Muppet Wiki... seriously... a Muppet Wiki... you can check it out here:

It was through the Muppet Wiki that I found out about the Muppet Stars Wars toys which will be released in the fall:

and that OPI will have Muppet themed Nail Polish in stores around Christmas time

I seriously can't wait until November!!!

So, until then I will have to satisfy my Muppet craving with Youtube videos of The Muppet Show.  THis is my all time favorite episode, with Alice Cooper as the guest star:

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Anonymous said...

How cool! I love the Muppets too. We watched it every week at our house. I'm totally going to check out the OPI polishes when they come out!! You know Miss Piggy is going to have some really pretty colors. :)