Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I have been tagged

Susan had this on her blog and I thought it was neat so here goes.

Literary Meme

How it works:

1. grab the book closest to you

2. open it to page 161

3. find the 5th full sentence

4. post the text of the sentence to your blog

5. don't search around for the coolest book you have, use the one that is really next to you.

6. tag five people to do this meme

The book next to me is Talk About Sex: The Battles over Sex Education in the United States

The Sentence is "And there was a lot of residual resentment as a result of it"

I'm not sure if this is trying to tell me something about my life or not, but it was an interesting experiment. Try it and let me know what you get!


Mom2fur said...

Oh, this is too fun. I grabbed "Phantoms in the Brain," by V.S. Ramachandran. It is about mysteries of the human mind, and is very readable and amazing.
My sentence: "As Arthur said over and over, 'That man looks identical to my father, but he really isn't my father.'" (Alas, the poor guy had something called "Caprgra' Syndrome.)

Anonymous said...

That's a pretty cool meme. The sentence from the book nearest me is: "We groped our way together downhill in the bright incredible light."

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