Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whole Grain Bread

Since my hubby bought a bread machine in December we have been baking up a storm. I found a great whole grain bread recipe yesterday while I was trolling some blogs. I made it last night and it turns out one great loaf of bread. I halfed the recipe and used my breadmaker, but I am very pleased with the results, dense, soft, nutty, wheaty bread just begging for homemade jam and sweet cream butter. Yum!

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Emilie said...

Hi Molly! It's Emilie (I work with your mom sometimes) =] She showed me your blog on Monday when I was there and I was just writing to tell you that I really like it! Your Goodwill finds are so cool! I'll be checking this out daily now, along with the other blogs I read =]
My blog is at, if you'd like to see it =]

Have a good day!