Monday, February 19, 2007

Today is not a good day

So I wake up this morning to discover that not only do I have a pimple on my chin (I'm 30 years old... puberty SHOULD be over) but I also have a HUGE silver hair smack dab on top of my head where it shines like a beacon for all to see.

I decided to wear a dress to work and since it is -57 (i lie, its probably 20, but still, it's cold) I have to wear pantyhose. I hate pantyhose. They were created by the devil and should I ever become president of the United States I will outlaw them.

So I wrestle myself into the dreaded pantyhose and they run. On to pair number two. I squeeze myself into these (run free, thank you very much)with much help from the dog only to find that I have gained so much weight since I bought them that they don't exactly cover my now sizable rear end. GREAT! I'm wearing them anyway.

I also decide that since it snowed close to a week ago, the university I work for will have cleaned of the sidewalks and parking lots and wearing my snow boots to work is unnecessary. I decide instead to wear my prized black suede knee-high boots with the 2" heels. Well, I found a parking space in the lot farthest from the library and discovered that they hadn't cleared diddley squat! I nearly killed myself trying to get into the building.

Which brings to right now when it is 12:15, I haven't done a gosh darn productive thing today and I still can't get blogger to do what I want it to do with my new blinkies. They are too far apart, but I don;t know how to get them all smooshed together like other people have them. If you know how to do that could you let me know? You could be the saving grace on the crappy Monday morning.

Thanks for listening.

[this is all written with a smirk on my face, just so you know.]

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Mom2fur said...

Well, I already read the Tuesday post so I know you mean better.
I'm 51. My hair went gray in my mid-twenties, after my first was born. I've been coloring my hair regularly since then (hooray for L'Oreal Excellence!) and I swear I have to look at pictures to remember I had dark brown hair, not auburn, or light brown, or whatever color I feel like using. My husband says he feels like he has a new wife every 6 weeks.
Your face breaking out is normal, sorry! I don't know why, but it happens in your thirties.
When I finally, FINALLY, found pantyhose that fit and were comfortable, I kept the label from the box so I know which one to buy. Some are so saggy, they could be ankle socks. Some seem to have no stretch at all. The Devil didn't create them--she's too busy wearing Prada.