Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Housekeeping Meme

I read Mrs. Wilt's Answered and was therefore tagged... below are my contributions.

Aprons- Y/N? Yes, when cooking and baking.

Baking- Favorite thing to bake? Any type of quick bread, scone, or biscuit

Clothesline- Y/N? Yes, yes, yes. But like a wimp I only hang outside when it is warm. During the winter I have a drying rack I use inside.

Donuts- Ever made them? Yes, I made baked donuts for hannukah. I think I will try frying them next time.

Everyday- One homemaking thing you do everyday? Make the bed, vacuum the kitchen floor (the dog hair would take over if I didn't)

Freezer- Do you have a separate deep freezer? Nope, but I would love to if I could find the room.

Garbage Disposal- Y/N? Yes.

Handbook- Y/N? Yes, I have a Home Management Binder.

Ironing- Love it or hate it? It has to be done either way.

Junk Drawer- Where is it? We have several. The main one is in the kitchen.

Kitchen- Design and decorating? The same one the house came with even though I don't like it. Decorating is low on my priority list.

Love- What is your favorite part of homemaking? laundry.

Mop- Y/N? I Swiffer Wet Jet which I hacked.

Nylons- Wash them by hand or in the washer? I HATE THEM. But, when I do wear them I wash them in the machine in a lingerie bag.

Oven- Do you use the window or open it to check? Both.

Pizza- What do you put on yours? Artichokes and ham.

Quiet- What do you do during the day when you get a quiet moment? Normally I am at work during the day, so I try to look busy.

Recipe card box- Y/N? I have an accordion folder for untried recipes and two 3-ring binders for favorites.

Style of house- Split Level suburbia circa 1965

Tablecloths and napkins- Y/N? Tablecloths for special occasions napkins everyday.

Under the kitchen sink- Cleaning products, trash bags, plant food, rubber gloves.

Vacuum- How many times a week? Carpets once a week, kitchen floor everyday.

Wash- How many loads do you do a week? 6-7 I think.

X’s- Do you keep a list of things to do and cross them off? I am a list maker.

Yard- Who does what? Hubby mows, I plant, we both weed.

ZZZ’s- What is your last homemaking task for the day? Pick up dog toys.

If you read all of this, consider yourself tagged!

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