Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I Forgot to Tell you...

I hacked my Swiffer Wet jet. I first read about this on Like Merchant Ships. People are apparently finding cheap ways to refill non-refillable products like the Swiffer and the automatic shower cleaner thing. I loved the idea so last week when my Swiffer Wet Jet ran out of cleaning fluid I grabbed the channel locks and twisted that cap right off.

I refilled with a combo of Lysol All Purpose Cleaner (because it was what I had in the house) and water. Once I have used up the Lysol I think I will switch over to Simple Green or something like that which is cheaper and less toxic.

So I was feeling all proud of myself for being thrifty and a little bit for sticking it to The Man (hehehe) when I used my newly hacked cleaning tool and it worked better than before. I have tile floors in my kitchen and bathrooms and after using my version of cleaning fluid there was no sticky residue. Yeah ingenuity!

Here are the original instructions that Meredith referenced for hacking your cleaning products. I HIGHLY recommend it!


Anonymous said...

you go girl!!!

Mom2fur said...

Oh, thanks! I have one of those, too. I hate spending money on the cleaner. Even if I have a coupon, it hardly goes on sale. I'm going to try that, too.