Friday, May 20, 2011

My New Toy

It is the Dyson DC Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum and I love it.  Until about four months ago I had the original Dyson DC17 Animal vacuum, but it was having problems.  I took it to Sears to be serviced only to discover that I had really killed it, it needed a new motor and a new cyclone thing, and a new everything else... the price tag?  $400 plus.  I said no thank you since we didn't spend $400 on that vacuum in the first place.  Killing it is completely my fault... I think I went 1.5 years before I cleaned out a filter... that couldn't have helped! 

I wasn't necessarily keen to get another Dyson since the first one didn't even last 5 years, but after doing some research on the best "Pet" vacuum which showed that Dyson was continually rated the best, we decided to go for it.  We got the Ball version which really is way more maneuverable then your standard model.  The profile is so low I can now get under furniture without having to use an attachment.

This time around I am determined to make this vacuum last, so I will be treating it right and and performing some regular maintenance.


Anonymous said...

What filters are we supposed to clean out? I have the DC 17. I wasn't aware of filters. Yikes!

Molly said...


If you take the canister off, there is a flap that you open (the canister sits on top of the flap) and there is a filter that needs to be washed every 3 months.