Friday, June 27, 2008

Radio Days

I don't usually listen to regular radio. I have a Sirius satellite radio in my car and I listen to that exclusively. Since Sirius has 4 great country stations that have no commercials I have little reason to listen to terrestrial radio except when I am in someone else's car. Yesterday I dropped my car off to be inspected and borrowed my mom's car to get to work. I was channel surfing during a commercial and came upon the "Oldies" station. You know the one. Not the classic rock station that plays Pink Floyd and Led Zepplin, but the Oldies Oldies station that one that might possible still be playing Rock around the Clock by Bill Haley and the Comets. Anyway, I settled on the oldies station since it was actually playing music when I realized that I knew the song... it was part Time Lover by Stevie Wonder.

"Cool!" I thought to myself and I sang along.

But wait... this song itsn't an oldie... I was in elementary school when this was popular... wait that was in the 1980's... this is "80's music" not "oldies."

"Oh Hell Diddlely Ding Dong Crap" (to quote Ned Flanders) 80's music is now oldies!? I said out loud to no one in particular... I guess that means I am officially old.

P.S. This song was released in 1984... I was 8!

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Anonymous said...

Getting happens to the best of us :)