Friday, January 18, 2013

Staying Classy at a Funeral

We buried my grandmother on Wednesday.  It was a rainy and cold day, the kind of day made for a funeral, well not really, but it was the kind of day that movie funerals always take place on.

I have been to a lot of funerals in my day and I have decided to share my tips on staying classy in the least desirable circumstances.

1.  Bring a handkerchief, NOT TISSUES!!!  First of all, handkerchiefs hold up a lot better than tissues, they look nicer than tissues, and if you accidentally leave one in a pocket they won't leave white fuzz all over your clothes.

2.  Bring Hand Sanitizer.  You will be shaking/holding a lot of hands.  You do not know where all of those hands have been.  You are sad... there is no need for you to be sick too.

3.  Bring Mints.  You will be doing a lot of hugging, cheek kissing, and catching up; it is nice to do all of this with fresh breath.

4.  Bring water.  Not into the funeral itself, keep it in the car, but after the viewing and the service and the actual burial; not to mention all that kissing and catching up, you will be glad you have a cool drink waiting for you.

5.  Bring Extra Shoes.  If the day is rainy, wet, or cold, the nice shoes you wear for the viewing and service are not the shoes you want to be wearing when you trek into the mud at the cemetery. I speak from experience here.  At my friend Jill's father's funeral, my shoes got so water logged and filled with mud that I had to throw them away after.

There isn't much that is going to make a funeral less sad... but these tips can certainly make the day more comfortable for you.

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Anonymous said...

Great ideas....ones that I try to put into practice.