Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Things for Friday: Things I don't get on Pinterest edition

1.  Ring Holders specifically designed for you wedding & engagement rings -- I have seen these on Pinterest and I just have to ask "who takes their wedding and engagement rings off?"  Now, in all fairness it would take an act of god to get my rings off my finger right now, but show of going in for surgery, they NEVER came off my finger before.  Want a good holder for your wedding/engagement ring... how about your finger?

2.  Wedding Boards -- Now, I completely understand a wedding board... back in my day we used a scrap book, but I get that.  But have you seen some of these?  They are completely ridonkulous!  These women/girls are pinning away micromanaging every single teeny weeny facet of the day... down to how the guests are going to dance, what the best man will say... You know what I never see?  a marriage board.  Hey ladies... the wedding is one day... the marriage is supposed to last a life time... you might want to pin a little more about that.

3.  "The Bucket List" Phenomenon -- I understand that people have dreams and ambitions.  Things that they hope/want to accomplish in life. However, you can't "Bucket List" everything.  The wedding bucket list, the summer bucket list, the toddler years bucket list, the crafting bucket list, etc.; is in my opinion, taking it just a little bit too far.  Maybe spend a little more time doing the things on this list and less time listing them obsessively.

4.  Thinspo (Thinspiration) -- This was such a controversy, the Pinterest actually made people take down their Thinspiration boards.  if you don't know, these were boards people used to inspire them to be thinner and usually contained pics of severely anorexic women.  Now I get self improvement and even wanting to lose a few pounds but when you have only pinned pictures of women's body parts and not a single picture of a whole woman, I have issues.  Our society has trained everyone to objectify women.  Not to see them as a whole, or even as the sum of their parts, but to actually see them AS parts.  Breasts, face, Butt, legs.. not a whole person.  When I see woman after woman pinning the same body parts in the same objectified way, I want to go into their board and pin a picture of a brain... because that is the part that seems to need the most work.

5.  The OBSESSION with putting things in jars -- Now I love me a mason jar.  They are great for canning and preserving, they are handy for storing things, but not everything needs to be baked in one, gifted in one, drank out of one, eaten out of one, etc.  There are other kinds of containers that should be explored.

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