Monday, August 22, 2011

My Take on "Mermaid Nails"

A few days ago I saw this post on Cupcakes and Cashmere about "Mermaid nails."  

I loved the look of this DIY manicure, the cool summer color, the hint of sparkle.  The only problem is that my finger nails are in no state whatsoever to be painted and photographed... I pick at my cuticles you see...

So I thought I would give this technique a try, but on my toes.

So I picked out a matte (read non-metallic) nail polish, bought some coordinating Martha Stewart glitter (OMG is this the best glitter in the world!  This is not glitter for small children... this is the good stiff... grown up glitter YEAH!) and set to work. 

I decided that glitter on one toe nail would look strange so I glittered all of them... I love the result!

(Yes, I took this picture in my office!)

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