Thursday, September 08, 2011

Sometimes I like to Make Stuff... Like This

I have a thing for garters.  I don't know why.  I always had one that coordinated with my prom dresses when I was in high school.

I decided that as each of my friends got married I would make them a custom garter for their wedding.  And I did.  When I got married I made my garter out of lace that was taken from my grandmother's wedding dress. 

So, when I former classmate of mine posted on FaceBook that she needed someone to make a garter for her wedding in October, I volunteered. 

She wanted something very nontraditional, leopard and black, but other than that I had free rein.  Here is what I created.  I love, but more importantly, the bride loves it too!

Black satin with a lace overlay.  Leopard casing.  Hand beaded flowers and tassel.

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