Friday, August 12, 2011

To Dye For

Once upon a time I have a white shirt that looked something like this:

Then one day the polo shirt was worn while painting with a certain little person named Nate.  Nate assured the polo shirt that the paint was washable and the polo shirt would look as good as new after a good scrub in the washing machine.  The polo shirt took the plunge (twice) but the "washable" paint would not come all the way out and so the poloshirt looked something like this:

So, the polo shirt sought help from a beautiful fairy queen.  The fairy queen decided to try a new procedure/spell to try and bring new life to the polo shirt.  Now, she had never done this herself before, but she had seen it work on lots of other blogs with great results.

So the fairy queen got out the magic potion,

Mixed it together and bathed the polo shirt in it,

And after a short time the polo shirt emerged.  Renewed and revived the polo shirt loved its new Teal/Turquois color and lived happily ever after.

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