Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I was 4 and a half when Charles and Diana got married so I really don't remember much of the hoopla surrounding their wedding, and until recently I wasn't very interested in the comings and goings of Wills and Kate.  But then, after talking to some colleagues who are complete Anglophiles, I allowed myself to get swept up in the royal wedding fervor. 

I was not up at 4:00am, I can say that, but when Nate came into my room at 5:45 I flipped on the TV in time to see Charles and Camilla enter the Abbey.  I had to concede the TV to Nate at this time, but he soon lost interest in Toy Story 3 (I don.t understand why... he's only see it 1,000,000,000,001 times in the last 3 weeks) and I was able to watch again.

I saw the ceremony, the recessional, the carriage ride, and then one of the two kisses on the balcony.  I loved Kate's dress, but thought her flowers should have been a little bit bigger.  My husband says I am lame.  I don't really care, it is fun.

When I got to work there was a full blown wedding party underway in the staff lounge with a TV showing the wedding coverage, tea sandwiches, tea breads, and even royal wedding tea.

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Lisa said...

I loved it, what I saw of it, of course. My mom taped it so I hope to catch more of it this weekend. Her dress was gorgeous and the kisses were sweet!
Admittedly, I am more excited about it than I thought I would be.