Friday, April 22, 2011

Love Your Mother

Mother Earth that is.  In celebration of Earth Day I thought I would share some of the easy ways to help the Earth and consume less.

1.  Cloth, cloth cloth.  This applies to napkins and towels mostly.  That was how we started.  I extended it to diaper as well until we had some diaper rash issues that would not be controlled in cloth.  In addition, I use cloth rounds in place of cotton balls for taking up make up.  Also, I replaced disposable tampons and pads with cloth pads.

2.  Travel Mugs and Reusable Water Bottles.  Not only will you save the Earth with this one, but you will always have a beverage with you when you get thirsty and you will save money too,

3.  Reusable bags.  These can be found anywhere from Target to the grocery store.  There are super cute ones on Etsy or you could make your own.  Not to mention that they are plentiful at Goodwill and the Salvation Army.  I will fully admit that I am not so good about remembering to bring these into the super market with me.  But I keep one or two Baggu bags in my purse at all times that way I can use them when I run to the drug store or the Wawa.

4.  Buy Earth friendly cleaning products... or make your own.  I am a huge fame of both Method and Seventh Generation cleaning products.  I also like Simple Green.  I have tried using vinegar and baking soda and making my own cleaning products and I am not been satisfied with the results.

5.  Recycle as Much as Possible.  Whether this means reusing the jars that baby food or tomato sauce come in, or putting as much as possible into the recycling bin, do it.

There are, of course, other ways to help the Earth.  Drive less, plant more things, get a rain barrel, time your showers, compost, etc.  But the 5 easy changes listed above can get you moving in the right direction easily and painlessly.


Anonymous said...

On No. 1 - you might try this:

No only is it "green" but it's made a HUGE difference for me in how I feel as far as cramps, etc.

Anonymous said...

Great should still love your Mother! LOL


Molly said...


A few years ago I tried the Diva Cup but could never get it to a place where it was comfortable. I LOVE my cloth pads from Homestead Emporium. As far as I am concerned, anything that gets us away from disposable products is a good thing!