Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Who Knew The Things Actually Worked?

I was doing some spring cleaning (yes, I know it is summer) last week and noticed that the faux plants on top of the book cases in my living room were really dusty. It makes sense that they are dusty... I put them up there 4 years ago and haven't touched them since. Anyway I wanted to dust them and tried to think of the easiest way possible which was when I remembered something from Real Simple or Martha Stewart that said you should put the fake plant in a paper bag, add some slat and shake the hell out of it (ok so it didn't actually say that but that is my paraphrasing). So I tried it and low and behold.... HOLY CRAP... It actually worked. I still had to take the plant outside and shake it around a little to get the salt dust off, but it looks WAAAYYY better than it had before. I'm gonna have to remember that one!

Complete non-sequitur...

I was getting dressed this morning and wanted to wear a pair of tan capris to work. I dug them out of the hamper (DON'T JUDGE ME) and put them on only to remember that they had a big spot of dog blood on the leg from Beo's ear. I really didn't feel like putting on long pants, so I thought I remembered something about Hydrogen Peroxide being the trick to getting blood stains out so I tried it. I got a q-tip and the peroxide and began dabbing away... HOLY CRAP... it worked! The stain actually started to lighten and then disappear altogether. Now you can't tell there was blood there at all.

So the next time you have to dust a faux plant remember you need salt and a bag and if you have a blood stain hydrogen peroxide is the way to go.

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Emilie Lynne said...

That is so perfect!!! I picked a pimple on my face last night (DON'T JUDGE ME!) when I was in bed and I got a gross blood stain on my pillowcase... now I know how to get rid of it :D Thank you!!!