Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Dryer Balls

I have been a fan of dryer balls for a while now. I was using the blue plastic bumpy ones and they worked great, except that both the dogs and Nate like to steal them and play with them. They make the clothes softer, they reduced static, it was a win/win situation. What I didn't like about those plastic dryer balls were the plastic-y oily smell they have. Not that my clothes smelled plastic-y or oily, but you just had the feeling that the PVC was dumping loads of phthalates all over everything.

My solution? Wool dryer balls. Essentially, balls of either roving or yarn that has been felted so that they won't unwind. They are tossed into the dryer just like the blue plastic ones and they bounce around in your laundry making everything soft and static free.

I bought a "trial" set of wool dryer balls from Etsy. I liked them, they worked, but somehow I managed to loose all three of them. So I decided to order some of the "good" dryer balls from Buddha Bunz.

Seriously, Melinda makes THE BEST wool dryer balls ever! They are some heavy duty balls, much more substantial than my "trial" balls. You can ever order your Buddha Balls custom made where she will needle felt a design onto them and scent them. I thought if I was going to do it I was going to do it right so I order some custom balls and I could not be more exctied with the result!

I think it will make doing laundry (something I really like to do anyway... seriously, I LIKE doing laundry) that much more fun. Not only that, but the wool is a greener choice and I got to help support a work at home mom. That is truly a win/win for everyone!


Anonymous said...

Nice Balls! LOL

Silvia said...

I bought mine from 2 years ago and the SAME 6 are going in my dryer this very! Her's have lasted all this time. We absolutly love them!