Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring/Summer Bag

I like to get a new bag for the warmer months. I don't know why, I just do. Maybe it just freshens everything up or maybe it is because I like to carry a fabric bag in the summer as opposed the the leather bag I can in the winter. Who knows... anyway, I was looking at this Vera Bradley bag for this summer:

Saddle Up

I LOVE Vera Bradley, and I LOVE a saddle bag... but I am always hesitant to pay $65 for a fabric bag that, even with a good Scotch Guarding, might not make it to next year.

So I kept looking and thinking... then I started trawling Etsy.

And I found this:

Jenna Lou Designs

and then I found this:

Kathi's Kreations

and I fell in love. Oh how I love that Indie, Mod fabric, and the color combo and, and, and, everything about both of them... so I bought them... and I feel good about it.

Not only were they cheaper than the Vera, but I am helping to support handmade and helping other working women.


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Emilie Lynne said...

I love etsy sooo much! My good friend Alexz has an awesome etsy shop that you might like to check out!!! She makes gorgeous wallets and coin purses. I have bought from her several times and she always can make custom things to match exactly what you are looking for, and she has the coolest packaging. Here's her shop:

Let me know if you like anything!! :D

Molly said...

Oh Emilie you should not have given me that link, so many cute things... so many scooter things, and the tattoo fabric, and the octopus... Oh this could be dangerous! Thanks!