Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Goodwill 4/13/10

I was having a crap-tacular day at work yesterday so I stopped at Goodwill on my lunch hour to see what they had. I have been inspired by Wardrobe Refashion to look for pieces of clothing that could be reworded into something else.

As you know Goodwill is hit or miss. Yesterday was a hit for sure.

I found a cute chiffon blouse for summer and a new pair of black Bandolino heels. I like to have two pairs of black heels for work. I wear them almost constantly and I was down to one pair after wearing the other pair to a funeral with mud so thick it actually sucked to shoe off my foot... there is really no going back from that.

So then I wandered into housewares and found the Williams-Sonoma Pumpkin cake pan that I have been coveting for year... maked at $2.

Then I walked through toys and spied a Thomas the Train play mat that nate would go biserk over. Sadly another mother snatched it up before I could get to it. As I was headed to the counter I looked down and found this beauty...

A Kik-Step library stool.... for $5. I remember when Meredith found her library stool at a yard sale and how jealous I was... I am jealous no more.


Anonymous said...

A pumpkin cake would be great for my birthday or any other day. LOL

Meredith said...

woo hoo!

I love your cake pan. That was a real find!

Mat. Emily said...

Great deals! Sorry you missed the train play mat... my little boy would have gone crazy for that too!