Friday, April 16, 2010

More Resuable Products

So you have all heard my rave about the reusable pads. I am sure some of you are thinking, please God don't let her talk about that again, pleas, please, please. Well, rest assured I am not. However I am going to talk about another product that I LOVE from Homestead Emporium (the company?) that makes the pads I like, and that is their reusable cotton balls... well they aren't really cotton balls at all, they are little rounds of serged Organic Bamboo Velor.

They look like this:

I use them to take off my eye makeup, to apply toner, almost anything that I would use a cotton ball for. I put the dirty ones in a small mesh lingerie bag and I wash them with my towels.

[Updated: I completely forgot to finish writing this post the other day. These are really easy to make too. If you don;t have any bamboo velor lying around (who does actually?) flannel works great too. My mom made her own set by cutting out two layers of flannel and zig-zagging the edges. Everything came from her stash so it was Ec-friendly and FREE]

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