Thursday, January 29, 2009

To Nathan Elliott on His First Birthday

It is true, no one can really tell you what it is going to be like to bring a child into your life. It is also true that you can’t really prepare. Oh sure, you think you are prepared, but you aren’t. You are not prepared for the chaos. You are not prepared for the fatigue. You are not prepared for all manner of bodily fluids to find their way onto your clothes and into your hair. You are not prepared for how much “free time” you actually had before you had children and how much you will yearn for 1/10th of that time back. But most of all, you are truly NEVER prepared for how much your heart will grow and how much love you will have for this little stranger.

Happy first birthday, Nathan. Mommy has no words to describe what you mean to her or what she would do for you.

I love you, Natey-Bug!

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