Friday, January 16, 2009

MOLD Update

The cleanup is complete! The demolition and removal of debris was finished yesterday. The guys were back today to finish cleaning up and clean the carpets today. The were finished by noon... we have a semi functional, certainly non-toxic room again... YEAH!

A contractor is coming tonight to look at what needs to be replaced and hopefully he will be working this weekend to get the room put back together. If all goes well we can paint next week and have a brand new room before Nate's birthday.

Two funny things about yesterday: While the guys were ripping the walls out they found a few things stashed behind them. Dead mice (which is to be expected) and library books, OLD library books. I think it is completely ironic that they found library books stashed behind the walls in a librarian's house [NOTE: these were not my library books].

While they were taking their lunch break at the Domino's Pizza up the street from my house, it was robbed and they were witnesses!

I have been taking pictures of the process and will post them when the room is completely finished.

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