Saturday, July 05, 2008

Pricebook Reconsidered

I could never get really enthusiastic about a pricebook even though everyone who has one swears by them. It seemed to me like it was a lot of work to create with a product that would be very short lived what with the price of groceries changing every day.

I am beginning to reconsider my position because of my recent shopping activities.

I have spoken before about my love of King Authur Flour's White Whole Wheat Flour. I decided that I was going to start stocking up in case flour went "sky high next year" (to quote Scarlett O'Hara). These were theprices I have seen recently for the same 5 pounds of flour

Trader Joes -- $3.99

Giant -- $4.29

Whole Foods -- $3.19

Genuardis -- $5.99

I was shocked that Whole Foods would have the best price and that Genuardis was $2.80 more expensive.

Since I was only comparison shopping one item it was easy to keep all of these prices in my head but it does make me wonder how many other items would have the same outcome.

Maybe this will be the start of my pricebook.

Do you keep a pricebook? How do you do it? How many itemsdo you monitor the prices of? Do you find it useful?


jskell911 said...

I just cannot seem to get myself to start one. And I know I need one. Good luck with yours

Gill - That British Woman said...

I don't have a price book and its something I need to consider doing.

Great blog.

Gill from Canada

Anonymous said...

I have thought about it and at one time even started one but didn't get real far. Let me know how you do...if you need me to check out Amelia's I will.


Gina said...

When you are a heavy couponer like I am, you will learn that the best price is always "FREE". I stock up then, so I never pay full price, so a price book does me little good. However, before couponing days, I relied upon one heavily. A great way is to do one in excel.