Friday, July 18, 2008

Method Cleaning Products

Two Method cleaning products I Like:

Who would have thought that there was non-toxic toilet bowl cleaner. I was using white vinegar but it didn't seem to be cutting it anymore. This works very well and although it is heavily scented it is not a chemically scent.
I HATE cleaning my shower. This product means I don't have to, or at least I don;t have to scrub very often.

One I don't:

I was excited by these because they are paper and biodegradable unlike the generic Swiffer cloths I am using now. They may be all of that, but they are also expensive and not very effective. I could probably use a paper towel and be a effective. If you are than concerned about the environment use a microfiber cloth and wash it, or better yet, how about a regular old dust mop or even {gasp} a broom.

And One I have to try:

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