Thursday, July 24, 2008

How I Store Baby Clothes

Although my baby boy is not yet 6 months old I am storing a heck of a lot of baby clothes. I don't know if we will have anymore children, but in case we do I do not want to have to start from scratch again, especially so much of what I have in the wee sizes are in gender neutral colors.

I was storing clothes in a giant Ziplock bag under Nate's crib a la Meredith, but I have kind of outgrown the bag and I can only fit one under the crib. Combine this with the fact that my house has neither a usable attic nor a basement, Nate's room has no real closet o speak of, and I have a real storage crisis.

The only place I have to store anything is a shed in our backyard. This is not ideal, but I will work with what I've got. So I decided that I would pack up the clothes according to size in Jumbo Hefty Zipper Bags (2.5 gallons), put the bags in Rubbermaid storage tote, and put the tote in the shed.

So, here is one of the bags. They are labeled with the size of the clothes and sometimes the type of clothes or the season.

Once I had assembled all the bags I put them in an empty tote an then labeled the tote with the contents "Baby Clothes" and the sizes.

Tomorrow or some time over the weekend the tote will make its way to a shelf in the shed.

So how do you store baby clothes?

[Sorry about the picture quality and lack of quantity.]

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Lisa said...

I've been storing Sofia's old clothes in clear totes but I have to go back and label still. The totes I have are the under-the-bed sized totes and right now I have 3 under the full-sized bed we have in the nursery. We don't have a ton of storage so eventually I'm going to have to re-work some things too.