Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Improbable Tips #1

I don't know about men's magazines, but women's magazines are filled with tips. Tips for cooking, for cleaning, for de-cluttering, for looking thinner, for shinier hair, better arched eyebrows, a better smelling cat, the list goes on and on. Some of the tips in these magazines sound so far fetched that you would never believe they work... but sometimes they actually do.

my case in point, my mother-in-law read something that said to wipe your dog down with a dryer sheet if they are afraid of thunder storms because what they are actually afriad of is the static electricity in the air, or something along those lines. That sounds a little wacky to me, but she has a dog that is PETRIFIED of thunder storms. Higgins (said dog) was even prescribed some sort of doggie tranquilizer to take but he is so freaked out that he won;t eat so that was not a very good solution. The other night, my mother-in-law decided to give the dryer sheet trick a try and low and behold... it worked!

So, here is my very first Improbable Tip for ya'll... if your dog freaks out during thunder storms, give Fido a rub down with a dryer sheet.

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