Thursday, December 13, 2007

Information you can use

I don;t know about you, put I HATE wrestling with "clamshell" packaging. You know, that packaging that is molded around the item in question and that is notoriously hard to open, cut though, melt with a blow torch. Anyway, someone came out with the Package Shark that is supposed to solve the problem of clamshell packaging once and for all. [interestingly enough the Package Shark comes in clamshell packaging which begs the question of how you are supposed to open the Package Shark if you don't already own a Package Shark, but that is a little too existential for me today].

ANyway, it seems that there is no need to purchase a Package Shark since most of us already own a gadget that will do the job... a manual can opener. Read about it here...


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Frugal Duchess said...

This is great info. I have wrestled with clam packages and the package always seems to win.

Take Care,