Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That Escalated Quickly

Yesterday was one of those days that just got worse and worse the more it went on.  The morning wasn't so bad really.  Nate got up at 4:30 (which should have been a clue of how the day was going to go).  But we all got showered, fed, dressed and out of the house on time.  The big dog did eat an entire half pound of American cheese but that is not all that unsual. 

I took Nate to camp, ran one quick errand at Target without spending too much money (What a RARE occurrence that is) got my iced coffee and went home.  While I was home I was able to clean to floors of the house, get sheets changed, get all the Goodwill donations in my car, and write out all of my father's day, graduation, sympathy, and birthday cards.  Check, check, check!

Then I went to pick up Nate from camp.  Well, actually my dad volunteered to pick up Nate from camp, so I dropped off all the Goodwill donations at Goodwill and then went to my parents house to pick up Nate.  He didn't want to eat lunch which is no big deal and then we were off for a playdate with friends.  This is where it all started to go to hell.  Not because of the friends or even the playdate, it was the timing.  I knew Nate was tired and after camp I don;t like to do too many things, but it was the only time our friends had available so I went with it.  We met them at Jumpers which Nate had been asking to go to.  It was MOBBED!!!  Absolutely crazy, kids everywhere.  My first thought was "I immediately regret this decision" but we had paid so we went in.  The crowd thinned out in about 15-20 minutes so it wasn't too bad.  After an hour of jumping the kids were more interested in the water fountain than the bouncy houses so we left.

We planned to take the kids for ice cream, but the place was closed for renovations.  Oh and I should mention that traffic in my area is completely NUTS thanks to the U. S. Open.  And best of all there are state cops every 20 feet directing traffic.  Seriously?  This is the best use of police time???  I personally think the PGA should provide its own police and let them direct traffic.  State police?  My tax dollars at work... meanwhile crimes go unsolved,but I digress.  We got the kids pretzels which them seems fine with and then we headed home. 

Nate asked about going in the pool.  I said no, he proceeded to ask and ask and ask and them meltdown over the pool.  I changed my mind and said ok, thinking that it would be short lived anyway because a thunderstorm was imminent.  I filled up the pool which he decided not to play in.  Now, we have had 2 serious rainstorms in the last 5 days.  Everything is soggy and the mushrooms are starting to sprout.  The water did not need to go on the lawn, it needed to stay in the pool.  Nate was having none of that, was not listening, then the dog got let out (stupidly by me) so he went right into the pool and laid down.  Then there was an incident with dog poop.  I was hot and sweaty... my mood was rapidly deteriorating.

I told Nate pool time was over and we were going in!  Got him in the house, got the dog in the house.... still no thunderstorms!  Nate went right to the bathroom to get a shower; the sopping wet dog went right to the couch in the living room to roll.  I put Nate in the shower and proceeded to dry the dog off, strip the slipcover off the couch and get it in the washer.  Was was finished in the shower so as I was getting home out he showed me how he had splashed water all over the un-tiled ceiling in the shower.   So I had to find the broom, wrap it in a towel and sweep the ceiling dry.  I am starting to lose it and this is getting out of control.  Got him in his jammies, watched a show, started to make his dinner.  I put my ipad mini on the kitchen table so that I could check my email which dinner was cooking.  Nate came up and while I was getting his melon took my ipad.  Now earlier in the day he had his ipod taken away because he shot my with a dart gun (the rule with any of the Nerf guns is "no shooting at people or puppies" and there is a zero tolerance policy).  Now when his ipod is taken away that also means he cannot play on any other i device (i.e. my phone or my ipad).  So, when I noticed that he had my ipad I asked for it back.  He said No, I went to take it from him, he pulled it away, and crash... it ended up on my had tile floor... it didn't make it.     

The look on Nate's face was pure shock and awe and he began apologizing immediately.  I excused myself to the back porch and sobbed ridiculously over a luxury item.  (You might remember that he cracked the face of his iphone on Saturday.  I calmed myself down, admonihed myself for being this upset about a first world problem and called Apple to see what could be done. 

My wonderful husband had the forethought to purchase AppleCare, so for a small fee (no sarcasm there) I get get it replaced with a non-broken screen version. 

Nate finished dinner and was asleep by 5:48.

Moral of the story... listen to my gut.  I KNEW morning was better for jumpers but we went anyway.  I didn't want to deal with the pool but I did anyway.  I knew Nate was overtired but I didn't push him to rest.  It was a bad mommying day... and I'm sorry for that.  I'm calling a do-over!

Nate sleep well last night and didn't get up until 5:00 this morning (Its progress).  The dog didn't eat anything he shouldn't and we got out of the house on time.  I'll get my ipad replaced and maybe an iced coffee and it will be a good mommying day.  Oye! 

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